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INTT Leisure’s primary objective is to promote exclusive holiday packages to Sri Lanka and expose the unique richness and diverse culture that imbues the island with its natural wonders.

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INTT leisure is made up of an eclectic team consisting of the craziest individuals from explorers to businessmen, all of whom are heavily vested in the Sri Lankan travel industry. We go above and beyond mountains to creatively and competitively bring our clients a wealth of unmatched knowledge and experience when it comes to tourism. Innovation, expediency, and professionalism are key aspects to our customer service mantra

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Dear Traveler,

Let me take the opportunity to personally introduce myself and the tranquil island of Sri Lanka. As a native Sri Lankan and a product of Southern Illinois University (Bachelor of Science) and Roosevelt University (Masters of Business Administration- International Business) I have dedicated the last 15 years of my life to the aviation and tourism industry. I have ardently immersed myself and sojourned in several countries developing cultural awareness and sensitivities. From the Middle-East to South Asia to North America, I have learned first-hand that even though the world has become incredibly contiguous well into the 21st century, there are still splendidly unknown cultures, customs, and people that even the most erudite of travelers are clueless of.

My partners and I strive to bring you closer to those secluded locations, to bring you solace and satisfaction knowing that your holiday is synonymous with an unforgettable nirvana. The island of Sri Lanka holds a very special sentiment in our lives and impels us to introduce the untouched beauty and heritage that Sri Lanka has to offer. From our own experiences and my own leadership, we bring a clear vision for what INTT Leisure has to offer- to create an everlasting memory of Sri Lanka.

My team and I are dedicated to work each and every day to earn your patronage and trust as we promise to provide the utmost in customer holiday travel service. We want your time in Sri Lanka to be filled with wonder, delectables, awe, and splendour. We invite you to come visit the island so famously coined as “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean.” It is our sincerest hope that as we are, you too will be filled with immensity and pride of Sri Lanka.

Tropical Regards,

GB Hewawasam

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