An in-depth travel experience to a magical island called "the pearl of the Indian Ocean"


Day 01 | Airport - Colombo

Meet and assist on arrival at Airport

Transfer from Airport to Negombo

Negombo is a small fishing village transformed to a modest beach town located close to Bandaranaike International Airport. Negombo is a much easier place to get your Sri Lankan feet than Colombo.

The Dutch captured the town from the Portuguese in 1640, lost it, and then captured it again in 1644. The British then took it from them in 1796 without a struggle. Negombo was one of the most important sources of cinnamon during the Dutch era, and there are still reminders of the European days. A significant influence of Dutch and Portuguese architecture could be witnessed while roaming around the town.

Check in to hotel and rest of the day at Leisure.


Day 02 | Negombo – Habarana

Breakfast at hotel

Proceed to the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka and check in at selected hotel. Evening experience Minneriya eil life safari.

If you're up for a serious rumble in the jungle, then Minneriya is your Colosseum! Spreading over
8800 hectares, this is a sanctuary for elephants. Minneriya is home to herds of deer and ample
birdlife, but its spotlight remains between swaying trunks & flapping ears. Park your jeep on the
bank of the reservoir and switch off its engine. Watch carefully as herds of elephants - one by
one - roll on to the grass-covered banks, to feed on tender shoots. In fact, this is the largest
elephant gathering in the world - over 300 at a time - which has garnished the park to become
a magnet for wildlife enthusiasts across the globe.

Return to Hotel.

Overnight at selected hotel.


Day 03 | Habarana – Ritigala – Polonnaruwa

Breakfast at hotel

Proceed to visit Ritigala monastery

Ritigala - a trekking paradise - is simply where architecture, history and travel are dished out in the Same destination. The strict natural reserve resting calmly in its grandeur is basically a forest monastery. Ritigala is also believed to be the place from where the Monkey God - Hanuman  leaped into India To inform Rama that his love 'Sita' was being held by the Lankan king, Ravana. Trek along green to feel how climates vastly from layer to layer within the region Thereafter proceed to Polonnaruwa and visit site cycling Rising with the decline of Anuradhapura, the city of Polonnaruwa - medieval capital & crown jewel of King
Parakramabahu I - remains superior proof of ancient culture & heritage blended with religious beliefs. Walk across its scattered walls of the World Heritage Site - blessed by stupas, resting Buddha statues, irrigation canals and fantastically carved Hindu sculptures - while observing the relic house - Watadage - which boasts of beautiful stone carvings. Take a close glance and you will realize a subtle Hindu influence on architecture and statues found in Polonnaruwa. Or sit by the side of Galviharaya and observe the absolute beauty gushing out of every bend of its huge Buddhist statues. Nissankamalla Council Chamber is however, a head-spinning beauty
to just sit back and observe with its swaying pillars reminding the aesthetics of a powerful kingdom which rests beside Parakrama Samudraya - sea of Parakramabahu & masterpiece of irrigation!

Return to Hotel.

Overnight at selected hotel


Day 04 | Habarana – Sigiriya - Kandy

Nature walk

Breakfast at Hotel

Leave to visit Sigiriya

The 5th century rock citadel of King Kasyapa and World Heritage Site - Sigiriya - doesn't only
boasts of ancient Sri Lankan engineering & urban planning supremacy but also acclaims to one
of the finest monuments of art & culture. Step through the gigantic 'Lion Paws' –
overlooking the symmetrical royal gardens below - to comprehend the absolute splendor
that once dominated this rock fortress. Surrounded by ramparts & moats the Lion Rock –
resembling the mythological 'City of Gods' - is coated by frescoes that relate to Gupta style
paintings found in Ajanta caves of India. Walk in the shade of an eminent 'mirror wall'
embracing the Western face of Sigiriya representing an artistic hundred meters laminated
with graffiti. Wander into the well-fabricated museum downstairs for an epic journey of
yesteryears to realize how the citadel floated above citizens with the castle, ponds and
irrigation systems that pumped water right onto its summit with an ingenious hydraulic
system describing a colossal masterpiece of the great king which remained a wonder in
Asia for centuries.

Thereafter proceed to Matale
An agricultural zone in the Central Province, Matale seldom drops off the maps due to its remarkable contribution through flagship crops of the island extending from tea, rubber & vegetables to spices. Spearheading the Rebellion back in 1848, Matale today takes immense pride in its story woven around spices. Stop by the side of a spice garden - into which you will be most welcome - and observe the therapeutic values of spices & processes over a refreshing cup of herbal tea! Or spend some time idling on the hardened streets if you mean a real town adventure filled with voices and colors.

Proceed to Kandy and visit temple of the tooth relic
Last ruled by King Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe - before it was brought under the British rule in 1815, Kandy - the World Heritage Site & last royal capital of Sri Lankan kings - crafts an array of culture, history and heritage in the minds of visitors across the globe. Experience an ancient Kandyan legacy engraved around its crown jewel, the temple of the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha. A stroll across this small lakeside town - cradled among the misty hills - will feature the Kandy City Centre - bundled with latest and world class brands, bazaar, an arts & crafts centre, as well as a gem museum & lapidary.walk in color as you glide through fresh fruits and vegetables in the Kandy market. Fine tube your evening by stepping to the beat of traditional music & drumming amplified by a cultural show enhancing the rich and vibrant culture of the Wonder of Asia, Sri Lanka

Enjoy an evening of contemporary art with Raju
Enjoy a wonderful evening in Rahju’s company at his wonderful hilltop cottage overlooking the Hunas range and receive insider access to his private studio. Discuss art, mysticism, religion, and the cosmos with him over a cup of tea and let him show you how his work has been influenced by these themes and how it has evolved over the years.
Enjoy a private viewing of Rahju’s magnificent paintings
Immerse yourself in Rahju’s world as he shows you his work and explains the inspiration and significance behind them
Enjoy a cup of tea at his studio and discuss his unique perspectives on life
After you meet Rahju and have tea with him, his artist daughter, Rudrani, will show you around their house, share interesting facts about their cottage, also and show you her original paintings. They will then take you down to the studio, where you will spend most of your time, as Rahju brings out his paintings and discusses them individually.

Check in at the hotel

Overnight at selected Hotel


Day 05 | Kandy Village Visit

Transfer from Kandy to Peradeniya

First developed as a pleasure garden under royalty and later harmonized by the British, the Royal Botanical Gardens of Peradeniya - today bundled with the most welcoming facilities located just 4 miles off Kandy - is a flourishing national asset in the Wonder of Asia. Walk into this 147 acre bliss of an experience, passing well tended lawns, pavilions & an octagon conservatory to be greeted by the vast expanse of a magnificently landscaped lush green turf which will encourage you for an exhilarating break. Towards the north of the entrance rests a cafeteria that one might come across before stepping into some of the highlights - the orchid house & giant Javan fig tree - of this place which overflow in grace.

Proceed to local village Gadaladeniya and Kiriwaula

Probably any other Sri Lankan village does not have authentic cultures / heritage and varied craftsmen richly unique to cottage industries of their own style as this village. Hidden in the suburbs of Kadugannawa, this is one of those villages which is very seldom spoken of. You will spend your day experiencing typical local life and no doubt admiring the different industries these villages are engaged in with unprecedented craftsmanship, but confined to the miniatures of their own. During your visit to the village witness the following

Gadaladeniya / Lankathilake and Ambekka ancient temples
The three temples are connected by a very scenic village foot path, All three temples were constructed by the kings during the period of pre Kandyan Kingdom of Gampola in 13 century A.D.

Brass industry – The village has gained fame for the traditional brassware industry, a cottage industry and the livelihood of many villages. An art that’s pass down to generations which is treasured as a family craft.

Meet the veteran optician of yesteryear. If you are lucky and on availability you will get the opportunity of visiting an local optician who moulds lenses and treats people by crafting lenses locally, A science known by his family only. Unfortunately the last sibling of the family with no one to take heir of this tradition.

Return to hotel

Overnight at selected hotel in Kandy


Day 06 | Kandy – Train – Nuwara Eliya

Breakfast at hotel

Leave kandy for peradeniya railway station

Peradeniya railway station is one of the oldest railway stations in Sri Lanka, opening in 1867 when the rail line was extended from Ambepussa to Kandy as part of the first train route connected Colombo to Kandy. Innnitially the station was not a railway junction station. 0n 15th January 1873 it became a junction station with the construction of a rail line from Peradeniya to gampola resulting in the station being renamed the Peradeniya Junction Railway Station.

Take local train journey to Nanu Oya. The rail journey from Peradeniya to Nanu oya is a travelers marvel, the journey passes through the lush tea lands and misty mountains of the island. A scenic route that’s been spoken about as an unforgettable experience.

Arrive in Nanu Oya and proceed to visit a working Tea Plantation. A country known to produce the best teas in the world, be part and experience the miracle of tea processing. Roam around the plantation and speak to the staff who are mostly migrants from south India.

Check in to Hotel.

Late evening brief walking tour of Nuwara eliya city with your guide.

Return to Hotel.

Overnight at the selected hotel.


Day 07 | Nuwara Eliya – Horton Planes

Breakfast at the hotel

Proceed to Horton Planes

Horton Plains was designated as a wildlife sanctuary in 1969 and because of its biodiversity value, was elevated to a National Park in 1988. The Peak Wilderness Sanctuary, which lies to the west, is contiguous with the Park. At an altitude of 2,100 meters above sea level, Horton Plains spreads across over 3,169 hectares of the highest tableland of the island. Horton Plains contains the most extensive area of cloud forest still existing in Sri Lanka. Horton Plains National Park, along with the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary and Knuckles Mountain Range comprises the Central Highlands World Heritage Site. Please note that flying around the above will depend on local weather conditions.

Return to hotel – rest of the day at leisure


Day 08 | Nuwara Eliya – Udawalawe

Breakfast at the hotel.

Proceed to UDAWALAWE via Ella.

Visit Udawalawe National Park

The Uda-Walawe National Park is situated in & around the Uda-Walawe Reservoir in South central Sri Lanka. Herds of wild elephants roam the banks of the reservoir while small game like deer or barking deer are spotted regularly as well.

Overnight at selected hotel


Day 09 | Udawalawe - Bentota

Breakfast at hotel

Visit Udawalawe Elephant transit camp - We think that the best way to visit the Elephant Transit Home (ETH) is to combine it with a visit to Udawalawe National Park. This provides the opportunity to see the orphans being fed, and also to see wild elephants in a stunning setting. In fact, you may even see some animals that were rescued by the ETH now roaming in the park.
The orphans at the ETH can only really be seen at feeding times, which are 9am, 12noon, 3pm and 6pm. At these times they can be watched from the viewing platform for about twenty minutes while they are given milk. The rest of the time they spend in the National Park, out of view of people, in preparation for their return to the wild when they are about four years old.

Proceed to bentota

Check in at Hotel and rest of the day at Leisure


Day 10 | Bentota – Galle

Breakfast at Hotel

Morning at leisure

Afternoon proceed to Hikkaduwa and visit the foundation of goodness

The Foundation of Goodness is a not-for-profit NGO registered in both Sri Lanka and USA. It was set up by Kushil Gunasekera in 1999, to provide essential services to his ancestral village of Seenigama. Since then, he has been joined by a dedicated Board of Trustees and a committed team based in Seenigama and Colombo, all working together with villagers and donors to uplift the lives of rural communities in Sri Lanka. When the Tsunami struck in 2004, Kushil gifted what was left of his ancestral home and garden to the village, setting up firstly an emergency centre and then, with sponsorship from the Marylebone Cricket Club, developing the MCC Centre of Excellence, which is now the hub of the Foundation of Goodness' work. The Post-Tsunami international funding has provided facilities and opportunities which have been open to all for free of charge and have benefitted around 20,000 villagers in about 25 villages.

Proceed to visit the Galle Dutch fort and do a walking tour of the fort.

Galle, the epic Southern capital, is the intersection where classic Dutch architecture meets a tropical setting creating a vivid atmosphere in beauty. Walk the Dutch-haunted streets listening to the creaks of wooden saloon doors and observe how European architecture mingles with South Asian traditions today flooding cultural enthusiasts on a global scale. Its original ramparts and bastions preserved up to date showcase evidences of a heritage preserved for more than 3 ½ centuries. Walk clockwise within the fort to observe the 'old gate' carrying the British coat of arms. Flanking the old gate is the Zwart bastion - the oldest of all - and the lighthouse standing 18 feet in its glory next to the Point Utretcht Bastion. This Dutch bliss is painted with streets that spread in a rectangular grid pattern pierced with houses carrying Dutch colonial style verandas. Hop into the Dutch Hospital Shopping Complex to be mesmerized by an array of souvenir selections. However, its hallmark stands a reality where the Dutch fort remains a working community with its usual buzz of administrative offices, court complex, commercial buildings, churches and Southern folks frequenting its streets bracing the air of the Elysium of architecture, Galle!

Visit the house of Beatrice

Visit the Galle Markets then learn to cook like a resident with Kodi and Meena inside their storybook like home, which is filled with the most fascinating antiques. Discover a 350 year old storybook like Dutch home filled with strange little antiques and heirlooms, hidden inside Galle Fort

  • Go grocery shopping at Green Market and the local Fish Market
  • Learn to cook authentic Galle recipes  with Galle Fort’s friendliest residents, Kodi and Meena
  • Enjoy a homecooked meal at what feels like your second home

Located at No. 7 Chando Street is the Beatrice House; a cozy, 350 year old colonial Dutch home belonging to Galle Fort’s nicest residents. As you step inside, you are greeted with the presence of comfortable old furniture, and tabletops littered with antiques and quirky little knick-knacks. There you will meet Kodi and his wife Meena.

Return to Hotel

Overnight at selected hotel.


Day 11 | Bentota – Kosgoda

Breakfast at hotel

Rest of the day at leisure

Late afternoon proceed to visit the Kosgoda Turtle conservation project

Both locals and international volunteers battling it out for ''Sea Turtles' Sake'' is a common sight at Kosgoda. This vibrant tourist destination sitting calm along the Southern coast of Sri Lanka – apart from its traditional industries of fisheries and cinnamon cultivation - was later recognized by the Wildlife Protection Society who studded the region with a Sea Turtle Conservation Project which operates on a formidable scale today. Indirectly, this has become a watering hole of flipper & shell enthusiasts

Participate in the releasing of baby turtles

Return to hotel

Overnight at selected Hotel


Day 12 | Bentota – Colombo

Breakfast at hotel

Proceed to Colombo.

Check in to hotel.

Evening proceed on a specialized guided walking tour of Colombo.

Colombo's amazing Pettah district still possesses the energy that it would have had in the late nineteenth century when the streets were teeming with ox carts and alive with the sounds and smells of the sea, rubber, tea, cinnamon, kittul treacle, rope and peacocks which were loaded aboard ships. Experience a delightful afternoon wandering the streets of Pettah and marvel at the hidden colonial treasures in the company of a well-read, charismatic host from Colombo City Walks, as you are narrated a story based on the history of Sri Lanka. Colombo City Walks has hosted walks in Colombo for several years through the bustling open air bazaars of Pettah and colonial Dutch mansions. The walk will take you away from the typical tourist spots and allow you to truly experience the history of the old town that has evolved into Colombo. The walk lasts between 3 to 4 hours and kicks off during the late afternoon. This way, you will be shielded from the scorching heat of the early afternoon while still soaking up vitamin D from the sun.

Farewell dinner at the crab ministry

Overnight at selected hotel


Day 13 | Departure

Breakfast at the hotel

Depart to Airport

End Of Services….
and memories Continue